SPARTA Mesh Ergonomic Chair

SPARTA Mesh Ergonomic Chair

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Color: Black
Headrest: Adjustable Mesh Fabric material
Back Rest: Korean 3D Mesh Fabric in Nylon Fiberglass Frame with 3D-PP Lumbar Support
Seat: Density Mold Foam Cushion Fabric Seat
Armrest: 2D PU Adjustable
Feature: Height Adjustable, Tilt and Fixed Mechanism
Gas Spring: Korean Gas Lift
Base: Aluminium Star Base
Casters: Floor-safe PU Casters

SPARTA Mesh Ergonomic Chair

The turning part of the back frame of the seat refers to the line elements of the Spartan helmet shape, and the neatly shaped obvious independent styling features.
The Spartan people originated in the Laconian plains in the southern part of the ancient Greek peninsula. The national characteristics are brave and warlike, and the training is strict.
Named after SPARTA, the series is highly competitive and has broken through the chaotic office chair market, which will soon become the focus of attention.

A modern design multi-function ergonomic swivel mesh chair that used for office, home, and commercial purposes. It is designed for long time seating which gives you support and comfort for all-day use. With its mesh back material which gives air circulation at your back to avoid moisture and sweat. It includes also a 3D designed foam seating for your comfort and multi adjustment mechanisms for your movements and flexibility.


Full Width: 64 cm (25.20 in)
Full Depth: 61 cm (24.02 in)
Seat Height: 43-52 cm (16.93-20.47 in)
Full Height: 96-105 cm (37.8-41.39 in)


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